Certainly in designing the B Series, the idea wasn’t to bring your office on the road. Instead, we’ve made the joy of travel our central focus. Owning a B Series opens up a whole world of exclusivity and freedom. So, kick back and relax under the artfully crafted ambiance lighting. Let the cabin’s artfully handcrafted surroundings calm your senses while you admire them.
Enjoy your favourite chilled drink from the side bar or indulge in the smooth flavour of freshly made espresso, all while watching satellite TV on a screen that is easily three times larger than anything ever known to exist in the luxury car market. Surely by now you would’ve forgotten about your emails, faxes and telephone calls. That’s fine, because we haven’t. It’s all there at your fingertips – anywhere you go.
The sumptuous and spacious interior with full air suspension, generous insulation, double glazed windows and calming atmosphere create a deep sensation of peace and serenity.